juli 29, 2012

brunch with a bunch of my favourite people

sunday. the last day of the week.
this week we celebrated this day with a full on brunch.
girlfriends came over with men and children and of course a lot of yummy food and drinks (read bubbles).the preparations started yesterday. jules helped (or better, tried to help, but instead it took me a whole lot longer to get everything done) me with the irish pancakes (recipe Bill Granger). first try and definitely not the last.

the only thing missing on this day was our miss Sara, but Toscany is a good enough excuse for missing out on this!

our men, not very into the bubbles, preferred pastis, the vintage ricard set we found in a tiny second hand shop somewhere in France last year (i can't even remember the name of that little town).

enough yummyness to last througout the day (and night and next day).

the kids kept themselves busy.

and of course Mona kept us entertained with her (i may say very cute) fish song/dance.

more of that please!!!

holiday with family & friends

this is how we did it ! looks easy… well, easy was a word that NEVER (i mean, seriously not even once…) came to mind that week. i had to wash, iron, pack, keep baby entertained, keep house clean, cook dinner for husband (ok, he did cook a few times himself),…
but then came the moment were husband filled the car with our bagage (a lot, too much i may add…)

and off we went.. ready for a week with my parents at the sunny Côte d’Azur and another week with friends.
after that stressful week i was really in need of a holiday!!
but seriously.. who is that crazy to drive 1200km with a 16 month old kid? uh.. we are! but the little man did a great job as did husband driving the whole distance himself. i slept the most part (did you know packing was that exhausting?) and must admit i was not the best co-driver.
we arrived and went straight to the beach.

hats on, slippers on, bikini in the bag! we were totally ready for some swimming.
the first week passed by (way to quick) … we had a great time with the parents. one of the best things of going on holiday with the parents is: free babysitters. so husband and i had some lovely dinnerdatetime with just the two of us!
jules had a blast at the beach and loved every minute of the undivided attention.

after a week of relaxing, walking around, eating too much cheese (not that i think that’s even possible),… we packed (YES) again for the second part of our vacation. destination: avignon!
we arrived at a beautiful house (mansion?)… a few hours later everyone arrived. it took us not long to open the bottle ‘pastis’ and apero time at the pool was a fact!

the week was over before we knew it.
great times with even greater people/friends
holiday with kids: YES please, although it is a different kind of holiday, we loved every bit of it and so did jules!

because a smile says it all. :)