juli 29, 2012

holiday with family & friends

this is how we did it ! looks easy… well, easy was a word that NEVER (i mean, seriously not even once…) came to mind that week. i had to wash, iron, pack, keep baby entertained, keep house clean, cook dinner for husband (ok, he did cook a few times himself),…
but then came the moment were husband filled the car with our bagage (a lot, too much i may add…)

and off we went.. ready for a week with my parents at the sunny Côte d’Azur and another week with friends.
after that stressful week i was really in need of a holiday!!
but seriously.. who is that crazy to drive 1200km with a 16 month old kid? uh.. we are! but the little man did a great job as did husband driving the whole distance himself. i slept the most part (did you know packing was that exhausting?) and must admit i was not the best co-driver.
we arrived and went straight to the beach.

hats on, slippers on, bikini in the bag! we were totally ready for some swimming.
the first week passed by (way to quick) … we had a great time with the parents. one of the best things of going on holiday with the parents is: free babysitters. so husband and i had some lovely dinnerdatetime with just the two of us!
jules had a blast at the beach and loved every minute of the undivided attention.

after a week of relaxing, walking around, eating too much cheese (not that i think that’s even possible),… we packed (YES) again for the second part of our vacation. destination: avignon!
we arrived at a beautiful house (mansion?)… a few hours later everyone arrived. it took us not long to open the bottle ‘pastis’ and apero time at the pool was a fact!

the week was over before we knew it.
great times with even greater people/friends
holiday with kids: YES please, although it is a different kind of holiday, we loved every bit of it and so did jules!

because a smile says it all. :)

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