augustus 30, 2012

so the little man is on a 'petit vacation' and although I feel good about doing all the things I was waiting to do once he was 'chez mami', I miss him ... a lot! let it be saturday. oh my... 
feeling a itsibitsi guilty about dropping him 4 days at my parents, I thought.. let's buy him a little gift. not that hard knowing that the superduper webshop GOLDFISH was posting all those new goodies on facebook. 
today I saw the very cute mini schoolbag I was already looking for for weeks. I was getting tired of always running around with that HUGE diaperbag. now that jules is a bit older we don't need to carry around that much stuff anymore. 
diapers, some toys, some cookies.. that's it! 

but hey, let's talk about that amazing webshop. Eva, the owner of the shop, who is not only incredible friendly, has a fantastic eye for picking all those cute childrenclothes. she's very lucky being able to sell my favourite brands. BOBO CHOSES, MINI RODINI, MARCEL, AYAMARA, ANÏVE, PALE PINK, STELLA MCCARTNEY for kids, to name just a few :) go and check that webshop out! you will not regret it! 
by the way, Eva is having a homesale on the 14th & 15th of September! I will be there and I already know it will hurt my wallet BUT jules will look amazing this fall/winter. that's a fact for sure!

this is the bobo choses bag I got for jules. wish I had a bag like this when I was little. 

augustus 27, 2012

new piece in the house!

new piece in the house. Hurray!
I got this black string pocket shelves from my mothers teenage bedroom and was looking for something similar to hang on my wall. I never seem to find one in the thrift stores in the neighbourhood and if I do they are overpriced.

but then came this day, must have been my lucky day because I found something similar and I was totally smitten with it. 
affordable and sooooo just what I was looking for. (read:  good enough until I find the real Nils Strinning design.) 
you see, I do not need a whole lotta things to make me happy. :)
husband had no time to relax when he came home. he immediatly took his tools and started hanging up the shelves. ok, I must admit, I forced him a bit to do this so quick. once I got something in my head.. well.. you know.. 
BUT husband is a good man (and a handy man too, may I add) AND he was also very stoked about the outcome. 

augustus 25, 2012

6pack BFF

last night we had another celebration. Miss Sara's birthday (forever 21). .

we had dinner at Tante Germaine. we had it there, not only because the food is amazingly good, but one of the 6pack is co-owner of the restaurant so she could be there too and join us afterwards. 

now something else. Miss Deborah is leaving us in less than a month to go work and live in San Fransisco for a year and a half. that is why we are taking every chance we can get to meet up with her because ... YES ... Oh my ... we are going to miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT! this was certainly not the last dinner with us girls all together before the big take off, but we will have to get used to being a 5pack for a while. I can see us making reservations for 6 instead of 5.  you have to admit, 6 is a better number, am I right?

she is leaving us for the WEST side y'all :) 

augustus 24, 2012

thank you, 'oma'

two weeks ago, my grandmother (oma) decided to give me her jade ring. it's not just a ring with a stone in it. no, it's the last one she got from my grandfater who past away several years ago.

as you can see there is a tiny black dot on the jade stone. but hey, nobody/nothing is perfect and it makes me love the ring even more!!!

augustus 22, 2012

tutorial: messy knotted braid.

after the first tutorial the idea to make another one was already in mind. this is the result. 
my friend nicki took the photos and learned me how to do this great braid. 

tip: before you begin, dampen your hair with some water or hairspray. this makes the braiding a lot easier. 

hopefully you get the hang of it like I did. after some practice it becomes a piece of cake :)

augustus 21, 2012

chairs chairs chairs!

after 3 layers of white paint the kitchen chairs are ready! I am pretty excited about them. now I only have to make/buy some cushions for them. (O, and wait for them to dry)

now that we are talking about chairs... the time has come to sell our diningchairs and buy new ones! the old ones are for sale...(see here
the new ones (see below) are pretty pretty, but we are just not sure about the colour! as the old ones are not sold yet we have a little more time to think about that!  blue, white, olifgreen, ... whaaaaaaaaa! I know... bigger problems can occur, so we will figure it all out. eventually :) 

augustus 18, 2012

tutorial pink ombré

not my cup of tea, but miss sara wanted a pink ombré! our dear friend nicki (hairstylist) bought some pink hair powder and got started...

here are some pictures on how to do a pink ombré... for those who want to give it a try.. don't forget to apply some hairspray before adding the powder. 
although I would never do this, sara looked great with her pink hair. and we all had a fun night here in my backyard. so it was a win/win situation. :)

augustus 17, 2012

DIY with chairs and paint

we got our hands on some old schoolchairs. they were not really in good shape, but I could see their awesomeness through the names that were written on them. so I wanted to paint them all white!!!! the idea was born but...
what to do next? I never did this before... I asked some help at the hardware store and I bought paint, brushes and sandpaper.
I came home and started immediatly (Jules was at the daycare). first I abraded them with the sandpaper. 
then I added a primer and after that the white gloss paint. they are drying now for a few days to put on the last coat of paint. exciting! result to be seen here very soon!!! 

augustus 15, 2012

we are family

today nobody had to go to work (holiday). always fun.
yesterday I packed our bags and when Husband came home from work we were on our way. to the seaside. to my sister. who lives there with her hubs and two kids - Camiel&Juliette.
every time we go there we have so much fun (and sisterly discussions too -of course). we talk and drink and eat and enjoy being together, the last is not as frequent as we both would want it to be, but kids, work and social obligations make it not that easy. as we do not live closeby we always have to plan our visits and can not 'pop in' for a quick bite or drink or just to say hello. which is not always fun. but  thankfully we have skype!