augustus 25, 2012

6pack BFF

last night we had another celebration. Miss Sara's birthday (forever 21). .

we had dinner at Tante Germaine. we had it there, not only because the food is amazingly good, but one of the 6pack is co-owner of the restaurant so she could be there too and join us afterwards. 

now something else. Miss Deborah is leaving us in less than a month to go work and live in San Fransisco for a year and a half. that is why we are taking every chance we can get to meet up with her because ... YES ... Oh my ... we are going to miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT! this was certainly not the last dinner with us girls all together before the big take off, but we will have to get used to being a 5pack for a while. I can see us making reservations for 6 instead of 5.  you have to admit, 6 is a better number, am I right?

she is leaving us for the WEST side y'all :) 

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