augustus 30, 2012

so the little man is on a 'petit vacation' and although I feel good about doing all the things I was waiting to do once he was 'chez mami', I miss him ... a lot! let it be saturday. oh my... 
feeling a itsibitsi guilty about dropping him 4 days at my parents, I thought.. let's buy him a little gift. not that hard knowing that the superduper webshop GOLDFISH was posting all those new goodies on facebook. 
today I saw the very cute mini schoolbag I was already looking for for weeks. I was getting tired of always running around with that HUGE diaperbag. now that jules is a bit older we don't need to carry around that much stuff anymore. 
diapers, some toys, some cookies.. that's it! 

but hey, let's talk about that amazing webshop. Eva, the owner of the shop, who is not only incredible friendly, has a fantastic eye for picking all those cute childrenclothes. she's very lucky being able to sell my favourite brands. BOBO CHOSES, MINI RODINI, MARCEL, AYAMARA, ANÏVE, PALE PINK, STELLA MCCARTNEY for kids, to name just a few :) go and check that webshop out! you will not regret it! 
by the way, Eva is having a homesale on the 14th & 15th of September! I will be there and I already know it will hurt my wallet BUT jules will look amazing this fall/winter. that's a fact for sure!

this is the bobo choses bag I got for jules. wish I had a bag like this when I was little. 

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