augustus 10, 2012

park bbq - piknik fantastik

so we had something to celebrate last night. not a better way to do that with a park bbq. am I right? or.. am I right?
we all were so excited and happy and had a great night. we made us some burgers and hot dogs US style. thankfully there were some men there to help us get the fire started. I must admit I don't know how to start one. (neither did the other ladies - shame on us)
we had the bbq in Mechelen at the Vrijbroekpark. a little warm up for the PIKNIK FANTASTIK this sunday. for more information about that amazing fun event:!/events/368215456576464/ 
if you like music, drinks and food you should NOT miss this!!!  I mean NOT miss this! :) if you do, I will share some pictures here afterwards.

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  2. I love the pics! Have a good time!

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