augustus 03, 2012

thrift day

the little mister had a rough night so he woke up in not such a good mood.
one solution: shopping.
first stop: the grocery .. jules loves going there. at least one of us does.
we got ourselves some fish - green asparagus and a green salad for dinner (and some cookies for the little man)

after that we went to the thrift shop.. also a place where he has lots to look at so it kept him (and most of all ME) calm.
here are some of my finds...
a new dresser in need of some TLC for jules' stuff.

something to make our walls prettier (don't know yet where to hang it up).

 some CUTE CUTE clothes for the little Sien.

and the most adorable sponge shirt for the unborn child of miss L.

husband came home for lunch and is making me an eggsandwich!
all those thinks make me pretty happy!

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  1. I love it all ! In particular the dresser and the wall picture. Great finds !


thanks for sharing your thoughts <3