september 26, 2012

busy times/drukke tijden

despite the fact that it is extremily busy over here these past few weeks I wanted to share some iphone pics with all of you guys. 
not only am I working a lot for the schooljob, we are going on a friendsweekend this weekend. 16 adult with children... that will be funfunfun!!! so I have to pack for the little family... and you know.. packing is one of my all time favourite things... NOT!!!! and with a kid, it really doesn't matter if you leave for 2 days or 2 whole weeks... you still have to pack everything you might possibly need. 

ondanks de drukte hier de laatste weken wou ik toch nog de laatste iphone foto's met jullie delen. 
vrijdag vertrekken we na het werk richting Spa! een weekendje onder vrienden. we zullen ongeveer met 16 zijn (kinderen NIET meegeteld). ik heb het dus niet enkel druk met schoolwerk, neen .. inpakken moet ook nog gebeuren (tussen de soep en de patatten?) 
en geef toe, alle mama's weten, dat of je nu inpakt voor  2 dagen of 2 weken, als je een kind meehebt, moet je op alles voorzien zijn (en zeker als je in België op weekend gaat!!). 

september 24, 2012


pictures. taken by our friend Anton Van Reempts. Mekitburn festival 2012. last weekend. we had a blast and took Jules along with us during the day. 
for more pictures ; click here.
I will post my own photos later on this week.

de volgende foto's zijn genomen door onze vriend Anton Van Reempts. Mekitburn festival 2012. 
voor meer foto's: kijk hier.
later deze week post ik m'n eigen snapshots :)

september 19, 2012


note to my readers: from now on I will also write my blogposts in dutch. oh yes, I'll do the bilingual post thing.
why? because I can! 

wednesday... that means, working till noon and then some quality time with the kid. 
we got home and Yes: Jules new Bobo Choses pants (see photo #1) and T rex sweater were in the mail.we got them at the fun webshop Lunabloom.  I had a small lunch with Ulrike who got me those amazing 70s espresso cups (see photo #3)! she also brought me a rotan garden set (which I didn't get on film- they need some TLC and after I'm done with them I will show them off). thanks again, Ulrike!!!
after the nap we went to visit baby Tuur and new mommie Julie and afterwards we did some thriftshopping. and yes, it was again a good thriftday for us. or at least it was for Jules. 
another cute basket, a shirt and some plastic animals. 
at this moment, J is sound asleep, the Husband is out and I'm enjoying the silence.. 


woensdag betekent maar 1 ding: een half dagje werken en dan wat quality time met mijn Jules. het was fijn thuiskomen, want er zat een pakje in de bus. de nieuwe broek (zie foto #1) en sweater van Bobo Choses. deze twee geweldige stuks komen uit een fijn webwinkeltje Lunabloom
Ulrike kwam langs voor een snelle lunch en ze had ook wat mee voor mij! het geweldige 70s espresso setje (foto #3) en een rotan tuinset, maar deze laatste heb ik nog niet op foto. moet deze eerst onder handen nemen! nog eens: super dikke merci, Ulli! 
na J zijn dutje gingen we één van zijn jongste vrienden bezoeken, baby Tuur. nadien nog maar eens in de kringloopwinkel binnengesprongen en oooo, yes, we hebben weer wat leuke dingen gescoord! 
het mannetje ligt alweer te knorren, Husband is er ook niet vanavond dus vanavond is het (na die twee wasmanden strijk): me-time. 

september 16, 2012

sunday. the (for now) last supper (read: lunch)

we had the going away lunch with our dear friend Deborah today. as it was a car-less day today we went by train. I can't imagine how long it has been that I took the train to brussels. it reminds me of my university years... that seems so long ago... haha, am I getting thát old???

we had dinner at Kashbah, a moroccan restaurant in one of the coolest and fun streets in brussels - rue danseart. the restaurant is nearby l'archiduc, a very place to be café.

we bought Deborah the book 'on the road' as a going away present. 
after lunch we had a walk through the city and talked and drank coffee.. it was a good day, o yes, it sure was. I will miss those 6 pack days/lunches/dinners... :-/ 

I even thrifted this cute sweater for Jules on our walk! that boy is so lucky! wish it was my size..

the following pictures do not lie! it was as fun as it looks. 

september 15, 2012

my life through instagram

few IG pictures.

ok, I am ready for colder weather: check new #essentielantwerp beanie!
and so glad my chairs arrived, I think they look pretty nice with my new thrifted tablecloth. this time not so many family pictures. I already posted those so ... too much is ... too much.. :)

ps: about photo number 6: it was a dress up party.. we do not actually go out like that, although I really liked Miss Sara's 80s rockchick look :)

september 14, 2012


ooo friday.. you didn't come too soon for me.. no, you came just in time! 
I had a busy week with lots of social visits (which I love- I really do but sometimes it is as exhausting as it is fun). but there was a nice surprise as well as I came home: our new chairs arrived! HURRAY

tomorrow we are -again- off to the seaside to see my parents and have a birthdaydinner for my mum. we will have a nice lunch and do some shopping! 
my mum is going to look after Jules so we are without child for the upcoming days. I do not need to say we will miss him terribly. but we will enjoy the us time as well and make the best of it and.. working makes the time go by faster so it will be wednesday before we know it! 

enjoy your weekend! *slaapwel

september 10, 2012

thrift trophies

last saturday I went on a little thriftshopday with a good friend. 
oh, can please someone be pregnant with a babygirl???? all those boys are fun, but I keep finding those supercute girl things! I buy them in the hope someone will finally give birth to a GIRL! :) 
this is what I got ; a cute basket for Jules' books, a few shirts (for J and for 'a girl') and an amazing wooden truck!