september 09, 2012

family walk

sunday. it was a warm day over here so we decided to go for a walk here in the neighbourhood. 
Husband has a little ritual with Jules. when he comes home from work he takes the little trooper out for a walk. father/son time he calls it. it melts my heart seeing them take off for their little one on one time. and to be fair, having an half hour to myself is a great adventage on my behalf.  BUT.. as I am being honest here... I sure am a wee bit curious about what those two are always talking about.  :) 
it's on those walks that Husband discovered some nice spots around here that I didn't even know about (although I grew up here).

the little man was a bit tired so he wasn't really in the mood for walking a lot (read: he didn't want to walk AT ALL). 
hopefully the weather stays as good as it is now, so we can go on a picknick next weekend. but first: another 5 days of work in view! 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ahh looks like a lot of fun!

  2. looks like the perfect stroll :) love the pictures!

  3. that's so adorable that they have their father/son time during walks after work!
    these photographs are just too perfect!
    xo TJ


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