september 07, 2012

friday: this means: WEEKEND!

o yes! it's friday again. the first week back at school flew by... like... well, really really fast!
going back to work was not the only exciting thing that happened this week!
No: Julie had her babyboy -TUUR-  on monday and yesterday Els gave birth to ├ínother babyboy -CIS.
we went to see Tuur two times already and oooo what a cutiepie. he is such an handsome little trooper and seeing Jules interact with him... melts my heart! those two will be such good friends -wether they want to or not. ;-)
that said... well, what about the weekend. what to do? I can say this: it's going to be a busy one!
tonight i'm having a ladies night in the garden, with take away food and bubblies.
tomorrow there's a kids sale in Ghent with lovely brands. for more info: look here : Hello Josephine.
at night there's a theme 30th birthday party. so I will have to look very 80's as the name of the party is : IT WAS ACCEPTABLE IN THE 80s. I already know how to do my hair, but what about my clothes.. any tips? Pictures of this party and (without any doubt) great outfits will follow later this weekend... 
sunday will be a chillaxing day. and maybe we will go visit a baby (or 2?)... 
what are you guys upto this weekend? 
hope you will all have the best time filled with fun, laughs, family and friends.

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  1. Have a nice weekend.
    I'm going to relax and do absolutely nothing! ;)

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  2. love the photo! haha, it's brilliant!


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