september 05, 2012

let's cook some chicken!!!!

this is such an easy thing to make and it is really delicious, if I mag say. (based on a Jamie Oliver recipe)

what do you need.
for the chicken it self:

  • 1 whole chicken/3 persons (I take 1 chick for 2 persons, I like to make chickensalad with the leftovers)
  • 2 lemons/chicken
  • fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, garlic
  • 2 red onions/chicken
  • olive oil 
  • white pepper, salt 
for the potatoes:
  • new potatoes (unpeeled, but washed)
  • carrots cut in large pieces
  • fresh herbes (look above and for the potatoes also a bay leaf)
for the salad:
  • tomatoes
  • red onions
  • olive oil, balsamic vinegar
  • pepper/salt
  • roasted pine nuts (for who likes those)
  • lettuce
let's start. first you stuff the chicken's backside with  some of the peeled onion (cut in 4), garlic, herbs, pepper and salt. you put the stuffed chiken in a roasting pan and you pour some olive oil over it (lots of olive oil) and pepper/salt. as you can see on the picture I add some more pieces of lemon, onion, garlic and herbs next to the bird.
now you just have to put in the oven. for about 40minutes at 180-200°C. after every ten minutes you have to pour some olive oil over the chicken so it keeps moist and juicy!

then: the potatoes and carrots: cut them in pieces, put them in a baking dish. season it with salt/pepper, fresh herbes, garlic and a few bay leafs.pour lots of olive oil over the potatoes/carrots. all this in the oven untill the potatoes are done! 

salad: cut the tomatoes and onions, pour some olive oil and vinegar over it, season it with pepper/salt: done :)

this is how it all will look when it's finished. I used some photos of a dinnerparty at our place last week. 


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  1. delicious! im gonna try this! :)

    1. very easy to make when you have people coming over for dinner, you can do everything up front so you do not have to stand in the kitchen while your guests are there :)

  2. Your instructions sound effortless. Your pictures look like gourmet chef. What is your secret m'lady? I know if I even attempt this recipe it would likely be a disaster, but maybe I'd eventually get it right.

  3. oh my, this entire meal looks absolutely delicious!!!
    you make it look easy!
    xo TJ


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