september 16, 2012

sunday. the (for now) last supper (read: lunch)

we had the going away lunch with our dear friend Deborah today. as it was a car-less day today we went by train. I can't imagine how long it has been that I took the train to brussels. it reminds me of my university years... that seems so long ago... haha, am I getting thát old???

we had dinner at Kashbah, a moroccan restaurant in one of the coolest and fun streets in brussels - rue danseart. the restaurant is nearby l'archiduc, a very place to be café.

we bought Deborah the book 'on the road' as a going away present. 
after lunch we had a walk through the city and talked and drank coffee.. it was a good day, o yes, it sure was. I will miss those 6 pack days/lunches/dinners... :-/ 

I even thrifted this cute sweater for Jules on our walk! that boy is so lucky! wish it was my size..

the following pictures do not lie! it was as fun as it looks. 

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  1. On the Road is one of my favorite all time books <3

  2. Aw, this all looks like so much fun! Adore all of these pretty pictures!
    xo TJ

  3.    Cool photos! I follow you now on GFC!
       Tali |

  4. great photos

  5. Adoro queste immagini!
    Visita il mio blog se ti va!

  6. Beautiful pictures! A city that's on my A-list.


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