september 14, 2012


ooo friday.. you didn't come too soon for me.. no, you came just in time! 
I had a busy week with lots of social visits (which I love- I really do but sometimes it is as exhausting as it is fun). but there was a nice surprise as well as I came home: our new chairs arrived! HURRAY

tomorrow we are -again- off to the seaside to see my parents and have a birthdaydinner for my mum. we will have a nice lunch and do some shopping! 
my mum is going to look after Jules so we are without child for the upcoming days. I do not need to say we will miss him terribly. but we will enjoy the us time as well and make the best of it and.. working makes the time go by faster so it will be wednesday before we know it! 

enjoy your weekend! *slaapwel

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