oktober 12, 2012

busy times²

the busy times aren't over yet, we keep going here... full speed, day after day... after day...
in a few days i'm going on a trip with my students for three days (two nights). 64 students, 17-18 years old... invasion of Amsterdam! let's hope all will go as smooth as planned... i must admit i'm having some sleepless nights at the moment. worrying about the trip. the 'what ifs...' are going through my head... every night... 

just writing about it, makes my stomach ache, but i also know that once we arrive all the stress disappears and then there is room for lots of fun... we try to make this an unforgettable experience for the kids... and... knowing that this time next week, we are on the bus back home... calmes me down. 

what about Jules? of course i will miss him terrible, but to be quite honest, those days will go so fast, that we will be back home before we know it!! (tired like a dog! without any doubt!) he has an amazing papa so the little one will not even know i'm away. (he is very into his papa these days)

But for now: TGIF! Oh yes! WEEKEND!!! enjoy your weekend!!! 

here a few pictures of the past two weeks... i hope to write another post this weekend with the recipe of the most amazing burger ever (home made).. 

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  1. i certainly hope you DO post that recipe. looks amaaazingly delicious :)

  2. beautiful family!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Aaawww the last photo is so cute! He's such a happy kid

  4. Very cute pics- your family is lovely!

    Gina Michele
    Rock Mosaic

  5. It looks like you've had a great two weeks. All of these pictures are absolutely adorable!!! Happy weekend!
    xo TJ

  6. Fabulous pics! Have a good weekend guys:)



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