november 30, 2012


a bit of a layout change over here... wish i had more (read: any) webdesign skills to make my dreamblog. 
but... it's about WHAT i write and not WHERE i write it, right? 

i just wanted to share this with you all. i was laughing so hard i almost... you know...
a few days ago the little mister and i were making puzzles together. it's his new thing. he loves it.  like all kids he can do the same thing over and over again with the same enthousiasm. i do not lie when i say he can make the same puzzle like 20 times after each other. BUT this wooden puzzle makes him angry. when he wants to pull the pieces apart to start over -again- they get stuck in each other. and then... well, yeah...
the last photo shows how frustrating it can be to be a toddler... 

oh before i forget, we are thinking about starting with the potty training.. any tips? or absolute no-go's? please do share. 

enjoy your weekend. we will try to do the same. 

november 29, 2012

tutorial pillowcase DIY

and here it is.

the pillowcase tutorial.

hopefully all is clear. 

ps: i wrote a mistake in step 9: it has to be: INside out of course! 

good luck !!! 

november 28, 2012

DIY pillowcases

so i bought some cute fabric last week at Ikea and made me some pillowcases.
this is the result!
soon to come: the tutorial! :)

november 27, 2012


last friday i had dinner with my good friend miss H. and as always we laughed and talked the night away (oh and we ate too much for our own good, but hey, who can resist a good fajita?).

H. told me she had started to write a blog too. i was so excited to read it, her writing is so good, funny and above all easy to read. she can laugh with herself and has a great fashion perspective. and fashion, dear readers, is what her blog is all about. she regularly posts her outfits and ideas. so, when you have a minute (or more) go and have a look at Truecoloursbyheike .

weekend reminiscing on a tuesdayafternoon

saturdaymorning and i was about to see the little man again. (he went to stay with my mom at the seaside).
i was even a bit nervous when i woke up. as the husband went to a whisky tasting fridaynight i expected that i couldn't get him out of bed at 9am. so i asked  my grandma to come along with me (it is an hour and half drive and i don't like driving alone that long). she was stoked to see her favourite greatgrandchild again too.
when we arrived at my parents appartment, i must confess.. Jules was more happy to see my grandmotger than me, but maybe he was playing hard to get with me. i did leave him there for 5 days and 'oma' is a great lady so who could blame the kid?
after his -oh-is-that-you-mama?-attitude (which lasted for 15minutes)  he was totally into me again. *what a relief!
my mom was busy cooking for us so grandma, Jules and i went for a walk to one of the best shoeshops for kids at the seaside. i love walking especially when i have a goal to walk to...

Jules -of course- was lucky and got a new pair (the kid has 6 pairs of shoes! 6!  Oh my, i am making him to be a shoefreak, just like me. *i can see the panic is Husband's eyes while reading this). we do love POM D'API.
on sunday i had a breakfast date with 'the 6pack that is currently a 5pack'. the little girls, Mona and Stella, came along, after all, they are girls too!

in the afternoon my little family went to the fair in a small village nearby. and when i say small, i really mean small. the fair was a bit of a disappointment but Jules was -again- lucky at the little duck stand where he got some dinosaurstoys.

enjoy the rest of the week,

november 26, 2012

outfit of the day -PINK

my first ootd post. 
something new, something pink, something cosy for winter, but still ok to go to work with
-> this sweater(dress) has it all. 
totally in love with this one. i am ready for you, snow. 

pink sweater(dress) H&M
miniskullboots The Kooples
glasses Ray Ban
necklace Anne Zellien
watch Michael Kors
bracelet Marc by Marc Jacobs
nailpolish OPI

november 23, 2012

guestpost for sarah ann noel -the reverie blog

as sarah just gave birth to a cute little girl i was one of the lucky ones to write a guest post for her. i wish her and her little family all the best in the world. 
go check it out... 

guest post for sarah ann noel.


friday! YES!
this means: weekend, almost saturday, fun things to do, family time, hanging out with friends. YES!
last weekend we were able to really relax at the cabin. jules and tuur started to bond with each other as you can see ..

tomorrow we are going to see the little man again! he went to stay with my parents for 5 days. i certainly took adventage of the fact that i had time to do things that are not so easy to do with a toddler running around the house.
no, i didn't clean. a thing that i in fact should have done, i only did stuff i wanted to do for a long time.

but oh boy, i missed jules' smile, hugs and funny talks so much. 


ps: my sparkling boots arrived this week: hurray for sparkles and glitter!

time to sew babystuff!

last weekend i got inspired to bring out the sewing machine again. so i got started and made some babygifts.
i used the tutorial of eloleo (and many thanks to miss kelly for the idea)  for the two diaperbags and the idea of the little flags with name was something i sew before.
here are some photos of the customized diaperbags/flags line.

november 15, 2012


last weekend we went to the pettingzoo. to be quite honest, jules is not really into the 'petting'. he loves the animals but they can not come too close. it's funny to see how he runs towards them and when they come closer, you can see the fear in his eyes and then he clings to our legs so tightly. i must say those pigs were enormous so i get the kid. they look cuter from behind the fence. 

this weekend we are again up to the cabin in the woods with friends. looking forward to the peace and quite. the busy times never seem to end and that's why i like those little gettaways in the weekend where we just have to enjoy each other, have long walks and long conversations about everything and nothing... let's bring the weekend on! i am soooo ready!