november 15, 2012


last weekend we went to the pettingzoo. to be quite honest, jules is not really into the 'petting'. he loves the animals but they can not come too close. it's funny to see how he runs towards them and when they come closer, you can see the fear in his eyes and then he clings to our legs so tightly. i must say those pigs were enormous so i get the kid. they look cuter from behind the fence. 

this weekend we are again up to the cabin in the woods with friends. looking forward to the peace and quite. the busy times never seem to end and that's why i like those little gettaways in the weekend where we just have to enjoy each other, have long walks and long conversations about everything and nothing... let's bring the weekend on! i am soooo ready!

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  1. Love the pics! You are so sweet:)


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