november 30, 2012


a bit of a layout change over here... wish i had more (read: any) webdesign skills to make my dreamblog. 
but... it's about WHAT i write and not WHERE i write it, right? 

i just wanted to share this with you all. i was laughing so hard i almost... you know...
a few days ago the little mister and i were making puzzles together. it's his new thing. he loves it.  like all kids he can do the same thing over and over again with the same enthousiasm. i do not lie when i say he can make the same puzzle like 20 times after each other. BUT this wooden puzzle makes him angry. when he wants to pull the pieces apart to start over -again- they get stuck in each other. and then... well, yeah...
the last photo shows how frustrating it can be to be a toddler... 

oh before i forget, we are thinking about starting with the potty training.. any tips? or absolute no-go's? please do share. 

enjoy your weekend. we will try to do the same. 

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  1. Mijn misters verliezen ook wel eens hun geduld. Eerlijk gezegd denk ik dat ze dat van de mama hebben.Moi;-)

  2. Loooove it!

  3. Did you buy Elsie's blog design ecourse? That'll definitely help you out with the layout!



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