november 27, 2012

weekend reminiscing on a tuesdayafternoon

saturdaymorning and i was about to see the little man again. (he went to stay with my mom at the seaside).
i was even a bit nervous when i woke up. as the husband went to a whisky tasting fridaynight i expected that i couldn't get him out of bed at 9am. so i asked  my grandma to come along with me (it is an hour and half drive and i don't like driving alone that long). she was stoked to see her favourite greatgrandchild again too.
when we arrived at my parents appartment, i must confess.. Jules was more happy to see my grandmotger than me, but maybe he was playing hard to get with me. i did leave him there for 5 days and 'oma' is a great lady so who could blame the kid?
after his -oh-is-that-you-mama?-attitude (which lasted for 15minutes)  he was totally into me again. *what a relief!
my mom was busy cooking for us so grandma, Jules and i went for a walk to one of the best shoeshops for kids at the seaside. i love walking especially when i have a goal to walk to...

Jules -of course- was lucky and got a new pair (the kid has 6 pairs of shoes! 6!  Oh my, i am making him to be a shoefreak, just like me. *i can see the panic is Husband's eyes while reading this). we do love POM D'API.
on sunday i had a breakfast date with 'the 6pack that is currently a 5pack'. the little girls, Mona and Stella, came along, after all, they are girls too!

in the afternoon my little family went to the fair in a small village nearby. and when i say small, i really mean small. the fair was a bit of a disappointment but Jules was -again- lucky at the little duck stand where he got some dinosaurstoys.

enjoy the rest of the week,

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  1. I LOVE kids' shoes - they're too cute! I just want to buy them all the time for any little person I know!

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    thanks for the attention, I wait for you there! <3

  3. The shoes are tooo cute! But hey so is Jules! :-)

    x Heike


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