december 30, 2012

life through instagram


extra discount MINIREPUBLIC

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Ellebel, jawel!

voor wie op zoek is naar een babywinkel die net dat beetje anders is en die net dat heeft wat je zoekt : 1 adres: Ellebel!
je vindt er de basics maar ook de leuke hebbedingetjes die van je kiddo de hipste der hipste maakt! het leuke is dat alles kleurrijk is en heel kinderlijk! kinderen moeten kinderen blijven, nietwaar?
neem zeker een kijkje op de site of volg via Facebook. via laatste blijf je steeds op de hoogte van de nieuwste dingetjes die binnenkomen en kan je er dus steeds als de kippen bij zijn!
hier een paar van mijn favorieten:
de collectie gehaakte speeltjes van anne-claire petit:

het leuke mambo tango ondergoed in alle mogelijke felle en leuke kleuren: 

de collectie van bloom: 

en zoveel meer !!! 

december 27, 2012

and so this was xmas...

my stomach isn't angry about the fact that xmas is over now. we ate and drank too much. but it wouldn't have been xmas if we had not done that!
although jules doesn't really 'get' the santa idea, he does love opening gifts now. last year i had to open all his gifts as he wasn't really interested in them. but jules is my kid after all and this year he was even willing to help open the gifts for the others. he did ran away a few times with his nieces gifts, but he is the youngest so he got away with that. sneaky little munchkin.
the only thing we do not agree on is getting clothes as a gift. when he felt the gift was soft he couldn't bother to open it. who wants clothes from santa? not jules, that's for sure... luckily there were enough toygifts for the little man.

december 25, 2012

Merry Xmas!

we had two fun days filled with the ones we love ...
but this boy is one of my favourite people. ever.
more will come. soon.

december 21, 2012

Happy holidays.

YES! not only it is the end of the week.. no. we have two weeks off from work!
i needed that!
we wish you all the best for christmas and the new year that is about to come!


december 17, 2012

reminder! discount!!!! sort of give away..

do not forget the discount promo code, you folks! if you still need some cute gifts... MINIREPUBLIC
you get an extra 10% discount (even on sale items) when you enter the code mamajules10. 
i bet you can score another cute item on sale here! 

these are a few of my favourite things!

december 16, 2012

vitra sale excitement.

vitra sale (everything -50% off)

this is how it went...
6.30 AM: alarmclock. i must be crazy to go stand in line for 2hours in the cold. but i got up, got dressed and off i went( i did have a short but brief discussion with myself about the going or not going).
i arrived at 7.10 am. i knew that i wasn't going to be the only crazy person. this picture shows that i was right. 

8am: i started talking with the people before and after me in the waiting line. standing there alone at that time of day: ok, but for me to not speak to anyone for two hours : not a chance. we were talking about which item we came for and the shared passion for design. kindred spirits to say the least (i was especially relieved that none of them were after the same as me- enlarged my chances of really getting it).
time flew by... and... then... it was 8.55am.
i could hear everyone breath a little louder and faster. getting ready to run through the door in about 5 minutes and get what they came for. 
i was (honestly) thinking to myself: i will NOT run. come on, lets keep this real, uh? but when i came to the door, i saw the Eames storage unit and a man standing next to it and well, yeah.. i am a bit ashamed about it but.. i ran! oh my... did i ran. i saw it, i ran to it and i threw myself on it! this was going to be MINE! woot woot! 
i am honered to share with all of you that i got it! i am looking at it as we speak. it is standing in MY livingroom. in MY livingroom. 
this might sound a bit shallow, but i really can't seem to care. we are happy with it. it made my weekend. no, it made my year (as it is almost over anyway). 
we rearranged some stuff around in the house and found her (the unit) a great spot. i think she is happy to be here with us. 
et voilĂ , here she is:

the only thing that wasn't so fun about our weekend: jules who got sick. that poor little boy.
but he is getting better every hour.

hope your weekend was a good one!


december 14, 2012

happy weekend!

enjoy your weekend! we are looking forward to ours!
this evening i'm staying in, sorting some stuff out around the house.
tomorrow i will be up at 6 to go stand in line at the VITRA stocksale. our dreamcabinet is on sale (-50%).. let's hope we are lucky to bring that beauty home with us! 

december 13, 2012

Snowflakes mobile ~ DIY

i got inspired by reading all these christmas diy posts in blogland. i gave these snowflakes -made out of paper- a personal touch and made a mobile of them! it was easy.. i attached them on my lights above the dining table in the livingroom..
i found a tutorialpicture on pinterest and used this to make the snowflakes.

december 12, 2012

and soon is NOW: GIVE AWAY time!!!!

ok folks!
i talked about it yesterday! the fun kiddies webshops offers all you readers a 10% discount! even on sale items!
what to do: visit the MINIREPUBLIC webshop. when you find some cute things (i don't think that would be any problem) you just insert this code when you are ready to pay: mamajules10 and then you get an extra 10% off (or did i just say that!)

these are a few of my favourite things on the site:

a cute finger in the nose blazer:

kidscase scarf and onepiece:

american outfitters tshirt:

and so on!
shop away girls and boys!
the promotion runs until the 31st of december... if you are still looking for that perfect christmas gift/outfit... i think your search ends here!


december 11, 2012

soon to come... think: discount!!!

hello there,
somewhere in the near future i will post a reduction code for the ubercute online kidstore MINIREPUBLIC.
you will get a 10% discount on whatever you choose/want to buy! how cool is that?!

i bought this mini rodini sweater there last week. he is reversible and too soft to be true! jules looks to die for in it!  it is a christmas gift so you all have to wait another two weeks to see pictures of him wearing it!

keep in touch!

december 10, 2012

homemade ladieslunch

today was a good day. we had lunch at miss J's place and we all had to bring something homemade. i made a quiche with fennel, oregano, bacon, goat cheese and cherrytomatoes. the other ones brought scones, soup, ... i ate too much and haven't had dinner because of it :)
not only did we eat, we exchanged birthdaypresents (although our birthdays were a few months ago). i got this great cookbook which i am really excited about. new ideas.. always a winner. 
miss L was happy with the babyblanket i made her, and miss B with her bedsidetablelamp. 
this was a good start of the week, if only this cold would go away. i've been stuck with it for 3 weeks now, i had it about now to be quite frank. 
enjoy your week, you all.