december 10, 2012

homemade ladieslunch

today was a good day. we had lunch at miss J's place and we all had to bring something homemade. i made a quiche with fennel, oregano, bacon, goat cheese and cherrytomatoes. the other ones brought scones, soup, ... i ate too much and haven't had dinner because of it :)
not only did we eat, we exchanged birthdaypresents (although our birthdays were a few months ago). i got this great cookbook which i am really excited about. new ideas.. always a winner. 
miss L was happy with the babyblanket i made her, and miss B with her bedsidetablelamp. 
this was a good start of the week, if only this cold would go away. i've been stuck with it for 3 weeks now, i had it about now to be quite frank. 
enjoy your week, you all.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks good :-)

    X Heike

  2. Love the glitter birds. Anything with glitter is great!! Love Rachel Khoo's cooking too! She is amazing!

    Emma x


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