december 04, 2012

New shoes and some early christmasshopping

i am totally in love with these nike air max'! they passed the biggest test ever: a whole day of early christmasshopping and no sore feet.
i am half way through with the christmasshopping. it is easier to buy them now ... no big crowds and waitinglines ...
so next week: part two ... i ran out of inspiration so i have another few days to think about the other gifts. i must admit this gives me some stress, i always want to buy gifts i would like to get myself. you do not want to see a disappointing face when someone opens a gift you got them.
and now: the giftwrapping! if you have some cute/fun tips to wrap them, please share!!!

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  1. love the sneakers, have you seen the nike high top dunks? i like those too!

    if you have a chance, please visit my blog. i think you'll like my outfits!


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