december 11, 2012

soon to come... think: discount!!!

hello there,
somewhere in the near future i will post a reduction code for the ubercute online kidstore MINIREPUBLIC.
you will get a 10% discount on whatever you choose/want to buy! how cool is that?!

i bought this mini rodini sweater there last week. he is reversible and too soft to be true! jules looks to die for in it!  it is a christmas gift so you all have to wait another two weeks to see pictures of him wearing it!

keep in touch!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Super cute, indeed! Wish i could buy something like this for grwon ups:)

  2. i knoooooooow! dan zou ik die ook kopen! :)
    ik volg je op bloglovin' nu wij brusselse bloggers moeten elkaar wat steunen! :)

    1. Hi there!dont speak dutch,sorry;) but its something about bloglovin so i assume youll follow me??? Haha
      If so, then thx!ill do the same

  3. That is an adorable sweater. Can't wait to see your little boy wear it after Christmas!


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