februari 27, 2013

Give away by Kellyjadestyle

a friend and colleague has started a blog and is already having a give away... if you are in to diy go and check it out!!!

februari 26, 2013


this week is jules' birthdayweek. yesterday was his actual birthday, but we keep the party going. today was my day off... we stayed in bed and cuddled and told stories until 10 am and then we went to get some food and drinks and gifts for his friends at daycare. 

being pregnant and having problems sleeping means that i am dead-beat after a day like this, but it was worth it. the boy is worth it all. 

i get rather emotional when i think about the day i gave birth two years ago. i mean, he is two already! how did that happen all of a sudden?! those two years have been the best. being a mother changed me as a person and the idea of being responsible for someone ALL THE TIME is less scary than i imagined it to be. you just do it. no need (or time) to fuss, someone needs you to be there ALL THE TIME. so you just are. it is as simple as that. of course there were times when i was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but thankfully we have a great family who is always ready to take over for a night/day when we are in need of some grown up time. so thankful for that. 
i know... i am really trying my best not to be too cheesy, but hey, i have a valid excuse, no?
here are a few pictures. he is quite a mini chocolate lover. 

februari 25, 2013



jules is 2 today! 2! we officially have a toddler in the house as of today. he was playing a game on my phone and wanted a blanket. just like mama. (i am a blanket person, i must confess)

      "a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

februari 19, 2013



i took this picture at my parent's place. this one loves his applejuice.

                                                    "a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

februari 18, 2013


i am not the greatest with my singer, i do know that...
last week i saw a cloudcushion on pinterest and wanted to give it a try.
first attempt. not perfect.

februari 17, 2013

thoughts on having another baby. pt 2

13 weeks today. things are going faster this time and by things i mean: my body seems to know what is going on too a bit faster than the first time.
look at this belly... i mean... really?


we went to my parents today, where jules is going to stay for a few days.
and oh my... the kid has been a handful today. he will be two next week and his favourite word this last few days is 'no'. that says it all, no? he is quite persistent too, but so am i, so that shouldn't surprise me either.
those 'moments' luckily pass by as quickly as they come, but i'm afraid i'm not the most patient mama in the world and i have to work on that. i must, because getting angy or impatient just doesn't do the trick!

but... even though he was getting on my nerves today, i already miss him (cheesy, i know).

februari 15, 2013

hard part: done! now: peace and quiet!!!

just finished painting in the babyroom-to-be. the walls needed four layers of white to hide that red and blue. 4!!! 

the room is my old bedroom (i mean, what was i thinking back in the days, red AND darkblue???) so it is kind of special that it will be our second kid's room now (or will be in 6 months). 
the hard part is done, i can start with the fun part now: decorating! but not today... now i will take a rest. i'm exhausted ... 
time for some peace and quiet ... 

enjoy your weekend. 

februari 13, 2013

thoughts on having another baby. this is really happening!!!

hurray.. jules is going to be a big brother in august. 

when we found out i was pregnant we were a bit surprised, of course we knew there was a chance (if you are trying there usually is), but we had to try so hard and long for jules that this pregnancy sure did came a bit as a 'surprise'... a very welcome one, i may add. the first weeks were a bit of a blur. i was really sick (you may remember me telling you guys i wasn't feeling very well in january....) and i had so much time thinking about the baby, that i expercienced something that i didn't when i was pregnant the first time: FEAR. 
fear that something may go wrong. i am still feeling this from time to time. with jules i was carefree, maybe because i didn't know yet what i 'could' loose, maybe because of the fact that i wasn't sick that time and had loads of energy... maybe... maybe... who will tell. the fact is that the fear is here and will probably stay here untill i get to hold that little person with my own two hands (or arms). 
besides the feleling of fear i also feel slightly panicky sometimes: TWO kids. i mean, TWO... will i be able to handle that? well, i sure will have to now and deep down i know that we can do this. we are realistic and know that sometimes we will probably want to run away from a situation, but we aren't the first couple to raise two kids. we will do this and try our best. 
but above all we are really happy. it melts my heart when jules points at my belly and says 'baby'... he then pulls my shirt up and wants to kiss it (tears well up in my eyes - hormones... o yes they are present). 

that's it for now. i have to go and get jules from his playdate. 

februari 12, 2013

'new' old bedroom

this week i am in vacation. that doesn't mean (not this time at least) that i can be lazy and do lots of fun things with family and friends. no.. i decided it was time to finally redecorate and paint our bedroom. we moved here two years ago. i was 8 months pregnant at that time so we only got around painting jules' room. 
as you all know (or not) we bought the house i grew up in. husband and i sleep in my parent's old bedroom and it needed a make over. desperately. i did spent a lot of time on pinterest for inspiration and after days (read weeks or no, months) i finally decided on a colour for the wall behind the bed. 

tomorrow i am going to take care of the details, hang some things up and so on... this part is the fun part. i'm totally looking forward to it and i, of course, will keep you posted about the result. 
here is a little sneak peak of our 'new' old bedroom. 


step 1: 

step 2

sneak peak: 

ps: i am still trying to squeeze in fun times with friends in the evening. this night is the only night we don't have people over, but i am having fun blogging the night away, anyway. 

februari 07, 2013

give away.

oh! neem zeker eens kijkje op deze leuke blog en doe mee met de give away! :)
take a look at the fun blog above and enter the give away! :)

februari 06, 2013

Bye bye baby... Hello toddler!

today we went to our two weekly mama-toddler-yoga session. although jules did not always follow instructions (what's the fun in that, uh?), he had a blast and wouldn't go home afterwards. i had to promise him some cookies in the car (does the trick almost every time). when we got in the car he started asking for noni so i called the salon and off we went to get the hair out of his eyes.

with this haircut the boy lost all his baby hair... bye bye baby, hello toddler. i left the hairdresser's with another kid and mixed feelings. i had to snap out of that. sure, i will miss that lost little curl on the left, but hey, noni did a great job. we all love it!
here again, he wanted to stay, this time it was a pear that got him to come home with me. he sure does love his fruit. 
i can honestly say, he takes after his papa, he, too always wants to stay a little longer than i do when we go out.

februari 05, 2013



i'm a bit late with number 5, but i've been blessed with the flu over the last days. i had enough now. let me be healthy. please... think i've had it all, for now, i hope. 

i shot this picture when jules was eating his favourite dish 'spaghetti'. he is really starting to talk a lot that boy. every day some new words. 

some things i really love about him now: (this is proud mama speaking)
he always says 'thank you, mama/papa' when we give him something, o yes, he is polite too. 
he loves having people over. he puts on quite a show then.
the proud look on his little face when he says something for the first time. 
he recognizes the brands of some cars (in which we and the rest of the family drive) and says (read: screams) them out loud every time he sees one! papaaaa volvooooo/pépé audiiiiiiiii... too stinking cute for words.
every morning it is cuddle time in our bed and i have to look at him. if i turn my head for a second he pulls my head in the right direction (his direction) and says: mama look here. 
when he has to fart or burb he says 'pardon' but is sounds like babom. 
he can puzzle like a boss, no really. he loves it and he can easily make one of 16 pieces. i know, every mama thinks her child is smart but i guess jules really is... :)

i could go on with this list, but it is picture time now... 

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."