februari 05, 2013



i'm a bit late with number 5, but i've been blessed with the flu over the last days. i had enough now. let me be healthy. please... think i've had it all, for now, i hope. 

i shot this picture when jules was eating his favourite dish 'spaghetti'. he is really starting to talk a lot that boy. every day some new words. 

some things i really love about him now: (this is proud mama speaking)
he always says 'thank you, mama/papa' when we give him something, o yes, he is polite too. 
he loves having people over. he puts on quite a show then.
the proud look on his little face when he says something for the first time. 
he recognizes the brands of some cars (in which we and the rest of the family drive) and says (read: screams) them out loud every time he sees one! papaaaa volvooooo/pépé audiiiiiiiii... too stinking cute for words.
every morning it is cuddle time in our bed and i have to look at him. if i turn my head for a second he pulls my head in the right direction (his direction) and says: mama look here. 
when he has to fart or burb he says 'pardon' but is sounds like babom. 
he can puzzle like a boss, no really. he loves it and he can easily make one of 16 pieces. i know, every mama thinks her child is smart but i guess jules really is... :)

i could go on with this list, but it is picture time now... 

"a portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013."

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  1. lekker spaghetti! Gelukkig wel een slabbeke dat gemakkelijk af te kuisen is precies ;-)

  2. Hopelijk de 'flu' ipv 'flew' ...


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