februari 26, 2013


this week is jules' birthdayweek. yesterday was his actual birthday, but we keep the party going. today was my day off... we stayed in bed and cuddled and told stories until 10 am and then we went to get some food and drinks and gifts for his friends at daycare. 

being pregnant and having problems sleeping means that i am dead-beat after a day like this, but it was worth it. the boy is worth it all. 

i get rather emotional when i think about the day i gave birth two years ago. i mean, he is two already! how did that happen all of a sudden?! those two years have been the best. being a mother changed me as a person and the idea of being responsible for someone ALL THE TIME is less scary than i imagined it to be. you just do it. no need (or time) to fuss, someone needs you to be there ALL THE TIME. so you just are. it is as simple as that. of course there were times when i was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but thankfully we have a great family who is always ready to take over for a night/day when we are in need of some grown up time. so thankful for that. 
i know... i am really trying my best not to be too cheesy, but hey, i have a valid excuse, no?
here are a few pictures. he is quite a mini chocolate lover. 

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