februari 06, 2013

Bye bye baby... Hello toddler!

today we went to our two weekly mama-toddler-yoga session. although jules did not always follow instructions (what's the fun in that, uh?), he had a blast and wouldn't go home afterwards. i had to promise him some cookies in the car (does the trick almost every time). when we got in the car he started asking for noni so i called the salon and off we went to get the hair out of his eyes.

with this haircut the boy lost all his baby hair... bye bye baby, hello toddler. i left the hairdresser's with another kid and mixed feelings. i had to snap out of that. sure, i will miss that lost little curl on the left, but hey, noni did a great job. we all love it!
here again, he wanted to stay, this time it was a pear that got him to come home with me. he sure does love his fruit. 
i can honestly say, he takes after his papa, he, too always wants to stay a little longer than i do when we go out.

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  1. ooooh, ze worden zo snel groot! Die pinguin broek blijft te schattig he!


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