februari 12, 2013

'new' old bedroom

this week i am in vacation. that doesn't mean (not this time at least) that i can be lazy and do lots of fun things with family and friends. no.. i decided it was time to finally redecorate and paint our bedroom. we moved here two years ago. i was 8 months pregnant at that time so we only got around painting jules' room. 
as you all know (or not) we bought the house i grew up in. husband and i sleep in my parent's old bedroom and it needed a make over. desperately. i did spent a lot of time on pinterest for inspiration and after days (read weeks or no, months) i finally decided on a colour for the wall behind the bed. 

tomorrow i am going to take care of the details, hang some things up and so on... this part is the fun part. i'm totally looking forward to it and i, of course, will keep you posted about the result. 
here is a little sneak peak of our 'new' old bedroom. 


step 1: 

step 2

sneak peak: 

ps: i am still trying to squeeze in fun times with friends in the evening. this night is the only night we don't have people over, but i am having fun blogging the night away, anyway. 

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