februari 17, 2013


we went to my parents today, where jules is going to stay for a few days.
and oh my... the kid has been a handful today. he will be two next week and his favourite word this last few days is 'no'. that says it all, no? he is quite persistent too, but so am i, so that shouldn't surprise me either.
those 'moments' luckily pass by as quickly as they come, but i'm afraid i'm not the most patient mama in the world and i have to work on that. i must, because getting angy or impatient just doesn't do the trick!

but... even though he was getting on my nerves today, i already miss him (cheesy, i know).

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  1. Mijn zoontje (net 3) heeft ook zo'n fase gehad, 'nee' en 'ik wil niet' de ganse dag door :) Maar gaat gelukkig ook over! Succes!


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